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The Velo Model Townhome 

Our upcoming rental on 4432-35 Wyandot will be very similar in both looks and layout with more rowhomes being built in Sunnyside at Block Forty45

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The Dub Model Townhome

This one is located at 3036 S Cherokee Officially LEASED but check out this tour because we are building the same model at 3045 S. Delaware

AVAILABLE END OF APRIL 3591 W. 65th Ave, Denver, CO

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The Bevy Model Townhome

Located at 3591 W 65th Ave, Denver, CO, 80221 this model is built specifically for our partnerships with organizations offering group homes.

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Luxury Townhome at 2047 South High Street 360 TOUR COMING SOON

1829 S High St Denver CO 80210-print-008-5-Living Room-2700x1799-300dpi (1) (2)2018-03-01 15.15.17 (1)1829 S High St Denver CO 80210-print-005-1-Living Room-2700x1800-300dpi (1) (1)