HM Capital was started in 2012 as an in-fill Real Estate Development firm that focuses on the Denver Metro Area.  HM Capital has experience in both residential and commercial development, lending, construction management, design and brokerage.  As such, they feel there is a need in the Denver Market for an in-fill developer that understands building within context, creating projects that are of the right scale, scope and density.  Most importantly the HM Capital team understands the value of relationships and win-win scenarios for buyers, sellers, neighbors and the communities we work in.  At HM Capital, we want to be proud to drive through our communities 10-20 years from now and point to the long standing projects we help create and are involved in. In addition, HM Capital Group strives for development opportunities where they can add value as not only the capital, but with expertise and long term vision.


Ben Maxwell – President

Ben is a Third Generation developer and entrepreneur from Kansas City.  He has spent the last 17 years in Denver building and developing residential real estate.   His primary background is in Residential redevelopment with over 700 projects completed to his credit.  His career has moved from General Contracting, to development and private equity funding for redevelopment projects throughout the Denver Area.  Ben has raised over $100,000,000 in capital since 2004 and has completed over $150,000,000 in real estate transactions. HM Capital was his creation to achieve success through providing capital and the guidance of over a decade worth of experience.




McCall Perry- Director of Real Estate Operations

McCall overseas HM Capital’s commercial developments, which consist of mixed-use retail, office & co-working spaces. From the initial programming and forecasting to marketing and lease up, McCall is involved with the strategic planning and execution of projects. She works closely with tenants to design distinctive spaces and ensures the vision is carried out in the construction process. As the owner and operator of its developments, HM Capital is invested in long term success of each project. McCall is responsible for tracking the financial performance and managing the ongoing operations. McCall has her MBA from CU Boulder. She worked as a commercial real estate broker for several years, representing both tenants and landlords in the Denver market, before moving over to the development side. 


Nina Khosravi- Director of Community

Nina graduated from CSU with a Communications Studies Degree and spent her early career developing her skill set in sales and marketing.  Her true passion for building community eventually became her main focus which led her to HM Capital and her role as the Director of Community.  Nina overseas HM Capital’s two largest Mixed-Use Developments; Block Forty45 and Park HIll Commons. She is responsible for all PR and community engagement for both projects.  From initial follow-up with a lead interested in office space, to throwing community events, Nina works closely with tenants of the building from start to finish to ensure that tenants feel a sense of community and belonging. 


Jan von Stein- Office Manager

Jan grew up in Maryland but has lived in Colorado since the late 80’s. After starting her family she wanted to turn her passion for all things real estate into a career. She began as the office manager for a small real estate development firm and then went on to get her real estate license. She has experience in construction accounting, contract management and REO property management.  Jan has a BA degree from Lafayette College as well as finance classes from the Wharton School and various interior design courses.


Alex Lovera – Acquisition Associate

Alex grew up in a family of contractors and architects on the island of Aruba. He graduated from the Daniels College of Business with a minor in Financial Analysis in Real Estate and Legal Studies. He is responsible for identifying, underwriting and acquiring both residential and commercial properties. Alex has lead the capital deployment for three of HM Capital’s funds and has personally lead the acquisition of over $10,000,000 worth of real estate. Currently, he also leads a redevelopment project in the Park Hill Community and several multi-family projects in the Greater Denver Area.