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HM Capital has been a leading Denver real estate developer for 20 years. From large adaptive reuse projects to residential rehabs, HM Capital finds opportunity and creates value from it. We are primarily an infill real estate development firm in the Denver Metro area but have also developed projects elsewhere in Colorado. We believe in building with context and creating projects that are of the right scale, scope, and density for the neighborhood where they reside. We understand the value of relationships and believe in creating win-win scenarios for buyers, sellers, neighbors, and the communities in which we work.

Infill Development

HM Capital specializes in building infill development in Denver, Colorado. We look for opportunity with underutilized land in neighborhoods around the city and develop innovative projects that create responsible density. Our developments complement the characteristics that make each neighborhood so unique. We build housing to meet the demands of the neighborhood demographics and lease our commercial space to local businesses that will bring value to the community. Our emphasis on responsible development is not only the right thing to do, but it creates attractive returns as well.

Commercial Real Estate Development

As a Denver real estate developer, HM Capital creates unique commercial real estate space within our mixed-use developments and in our free-standing buildings. We closely follow trends and build desirable commercial space in desirable neighborhoods. Our commercial real estate projects include traditional office, retail, restaurant, and micro-retail units. We handle the development as well as the marketing and leasing for most of our projects which gives us the flexibility to choose the right tenants that fit our vision.

Residential Real Estate Development

At HM Capital we develop a wide variety of residential housing units including townhomes, single-family, multi-family, and apartments. We build homes for sale or for lease depending on the project strategy. Our extensive experience as a residential real estate developer allows us to understand our market better and build product to accurately meet demand. We strive to develop residential real estate projects to fit in with the geographic and demographic attributes of the neighborhoods. These strategies, although seemingly simple, produce significant value for our partners, our clients, and the communities in which we work.

Redevelopment and Rehab

Our president’s background is in residential rehab and redevelopment projects. Ben and his team have completed over 700 residential rehab and redevelopment projects including both single family and multi-family units. The experience gained from these redevelopment projects allows us to create value where others cannot. Our streamlined operations, proprietary strategy, and detailed market knowledge have given us a competitive advantage time and time again.

Adaptive reuse

Adaptive reuse projects fit into our Denver real estate developer philosophy well. They allow us to build with context creating new opportunities in a community while still preserving the architectural characteristics that make each neighborhood unique. We have developed adaptive reuse projects that include retail space, office space, and residential units creating a community within a larger community. Adaptive reuse projects are particularly interesting to us due to the challenge of building within the constraints of the building shell, the community building aspect, and the potential returns on a successful project.

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