Owner’s Representative Services

Protecting Your Best Interests During Your Project

There are a lot of moving pieces to every real estate development project while most contractors are only focused on their individual part. It makes a significant difference to have an Owner’s Representative like HM Capital protecting your best interests and providing the guidance you need for a successful and profitable project. Starting with project planning, we will remain at your side throughout construction until the project concludes, whether that be the sale of the property, a leasing strategy, or an owner move-in. Don’t try to go it alone. Protect yourself with our knowledge and strategy developed from years of experience managing and implementing real estate development projects.

Advocating on Your Behalf

From finding and hiring the architect to managing the construction budget, HM Capital will work for you, and only you. As your Owner’s Rep, we will protect your interests so the project is not only successful, but profitable too.

Keeping Your Project on Track

There will be many unforeseen challenges that will threaten to derail your project. Our job is to make sure the project stays on track sticking to your prospective budget, desired quality, and projected timeline.

Bringing Unparalleled Experience

You will benefit from our extensive real estate construction and consulting knowledge throughout the entirety of the project. We are well-equipped to handle the challenges that will arise and have the experience to spot potential issues before they turn into problems.

We’re On Your Side

Protect your project from cost overruns and missed deadlines. Talk to HM Capital about our Owner’s Representative services.

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Real Estate Development Consulting Services

Project Management

Pre-construction Phase
•  Project scope development
•  Strategic planning
•  Third-party coordination
•  Site selection assistance
•  Budget cost estimating


Design/Development Phase
•  Project design and planning coordination
•  Architect and engineer team management
•  Project schedule development

Bidding Phase
•  Bid preparation
•  Bidder pre-qualification
•  Bid analysis and recommendations
•  Permitting assistance
•  Insurance and bonding support


Construction Phase
•  Contract negotiation and administration
•  Project team coordination
•  Monitor project budget and schedule
•  Quality assurance/quality control
•  On-site oversight

Closeout Phase
Solutions Management
•  Address project issues
•  Provide recommendations and solutions
Project Hand-Over
•  Oversee project close-out
•  Secure project sign-off
Project Documentation
•  Executive summary reports

The Value of Working with HM Capital

Our team at HM Capital offers the technical expertise and project management experience to ensure a successful outcome for your project. Our Owner’s Representative services provide you with peace of mind by allowing you to focus on your key objectives while we are protecting your best interests. Bring the value of our 20+ years of experience developing real estate to your project with Owner’s Rep services from HM Capital.

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