Park Hill Commons - Infill Development, Micro Apartments, Mixed Use, Multi-Family

Park Hill Commons

HM Capital purchased a number of lots in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver along an underutilized commercial corridor in a primarily residential neighborhood to redevelop into a live, work, play community called Park Hill Commons. This $30 million project, currently under construction, will bring Class A commercial office space, small offices, retail space, micro-retail, studio apartments, and high end residential rental units to the area. To help the Park Hill community and our future renters we worked out an arrangement with Denver Parks and Recreation to build a new city park within the Park Hill Commons project. This is a great example of a Denver infill development project with multiple asset types.


The project quickly gained traction in the community. A local Denver pizza chain leased a large space and a number of local small businesses immediately joined as well. The residential space will serve a variety of different tenants looking for quality apartments and townhomes at varying price points in a convenient location to downtown Denver.


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