Distressed Property Services

Managing Underperforming Assets, Limiting Loss, and Maximizing Recovery

Dealing with an underperforming asset can be an overwhelmingly daunting task. Whether you are a lender that has been saddled with an unwanted property or an investor struggling with an underperforming asset, you need a team of experienced real estate professionals to help. When dealing with a distressed property, identifying the issues and taking immediate action is critical to maximizing recovery. Learn more about our distressed property services below.

Assess the Situation

Our real estate professionals will meet with you to assess the situation and determine a viable recovery strategy. Whether you are a lender, investor, developer or attorney, we have experience dealing with your situation.

Act Swiftly

The sooner we act, the better your odds of recovery. Our team of real estate professionals, property managers, construction workers, and financial analysts will get to work determining issues and developing solutions. 

Manage Closely

Budgetary oversight and attentive property management are a key part of our distressed property services. We have the know-how and the resources to bring an asset back toward profitability to create value and maximize your recovery.  

Time Is Not

The quicker the issues are identified, the better chances of maximizing recovery. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

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Do You Have a Distressed Property?

Understanding your situation is key to maximizing recovery. We have assembled a whitepaper to help you define a troubled asset, listing common issues, and outlining steps to mitigate loss. 

Who We Help

•  Lenders
•  Attorneys
•  Banks
•  Investors
•  Developers


distressed property services

Our Services

•  Client Loss Mitigation
•  Asset Rehabilitation
•  Pre-Foreclosure Asset Evaluation
•  Valuation Services
•  Advisory Services

•  REO Property Management

•  Asset Repositioning & Stabilization
•  Post-Foreclosure Property Management
•  Leasing and Market Assessment
•  Property Management
•  Risk Management
•  Financial Reporting
•  Asset Disposition

The Value of Working with HM Capital

Handling a distressed property is incredibly stressful because there is a lot of money on the line and the odds of recovery are not in your favor. When faced with this challenge, it is helpful to have an experienced professional on your side throughout the process. Our team of real estate experts will be able to identify if a property is distressed, determine the issues causing the decline, and take prompt and strategic action to maximize your recovery saving you considerable time, resources, and money. See how we helped a client below.

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