Denver distressed property and special asset services

How to Get Help with Distressed Properties and Special Assets

Distressed Property and Special Asset Services

Denver Real Estate Consultants

Handling an REO distressed property or special asset is stressful. You did all you could to save the deal but the property is now officially in your hands. Its time to find a trusted Denver real estate consultant with special asset experience to help you manage the property and quickly dispose of it while mitigating the losses to your institution. HM Capital has developed a proven system to approach distressed properties and special assets that will solve your problems.

A Race Against the Clock

Our value to you comes from our quick and accurate assessment of the situation combined with the resources and experience to manage, price, reposition, and dispose of the special asset. Our speed and robust capabilities are essential to stopping the cycle of decline which makes the asset more desirable for a quick or eventual sale.

Below are the top 3 problems foreclosure specialists and REO asset managers face when it comes to special assets and how HM Capital’s expert special asset services solve them.

REO Property Management

When a financial institution or government agency becomes saddled with a special asset, the most immediate need is property management. It is important to quickly identify any significant issues and develop an initial plan and budget for managing the property. HM Capital real estate consultants will assess the property, determine a maintenance schedule, and implement property management services. 


Asset Valuation & Strategy

Pricing a distressed property or a special asset is very challenging. Local Denver market knowledge and years of experience handling commercial assets is required. A qualified real estate consultant needs to accurately assess the true condition of the asset and develop a sound strategy to get the most profitable outcome. The special asset strategy we develop depends on a number of factors. We will work with REO asset managers to help them weigh all the options and determine the best course of action.


Example special asset strategies include:

  • Manage and improve the quality of the asset to increase its sale price
  • Prepare the asset for a quick sale with minimal investment
  • Manage risk and auction the property as soon as possible

Asset Sale

In order to dispose of the asset, a buyer must be found and negotiations must occur. The hard work and expertise leading up to the sale will directly affect the eventual sales price and determine how much loss has been mitigated. Using our connections, marketing tools, and experienced brokers, HM Capital will sell your asset as quickly as possible netting your institution the best financial outcome based on its risk profile.

What should you worry about? Bad advice.

Bad advice wastes valuable time and can cause irreparable damage. REO asset managers need swift action with sound logic. HM Capital has significant experience managing distressed properties and special asset situations and our special asset services have produced favorable results for our clients. See our distressed real estate portfolio for examples of our work. 

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